• Heat Protection Suit use in firefighting and rescue with capacities are: heat protection,shock protection and softness
  • 1-feat Protection Suit allow user can go across firewall (about 1000÷1200 degree C) with Distance 1,5 meter with time 7÷8 minutes (Note: use complete with Self-contained breathing apparatus)
General material
  • Heat protection suit, fireproof allow direct contact of fire at very high levels. The product is made of synthetic fibers is heat-resistant, fire resistant ultra-fine, ultra-light, ultra-durable, withstand greater impact forces, outer aluminum coated silicon adhesive paste without adding anti-fire helps the radiation reflected achieved over 90%, waterproof and easy to clean
  • 500g/m2, radiation protection : 90%
  • Three-layer: Fireproof fabric outer layer, the middle layer is a layer of heat-resistant fabric, the lining in creating comfort for the wearer. High temperature resistant seam, sewing material is synthetic fiber
  • Under layer create comfort for users
  • Integrated backpack for breathing equipment
  • Easy to put on with front, back and leg zips
  • Multi-layer, heat-resistant lining
  • Sufficient space for firefighter helmet and breathing mask
  • Visor with integrated aluminum frame for laminated glass
Laminated Safety Glass
  • Materials made of polycarbonate (PC), gold-plated ,curved
3 or 5 Finger Gloves (option)
  • Multi-layer, heat-resistant lining
  • Material: Para-Aramide 460 g/m2
  • Palm and finger-tips made from heat-resistant leather
  • Length approx. 34 cm ÷ 50 cm (option)
  • Material: Synthetic fibers, 460g/m2
  • Multi-layer, high temperature resistant seams, reinforced with fiberglass on both sides of the foot, ankle protection
  • Reinforced on sides of legs
  • Covered zip on back
  • Nitrile sole heat-resistant to 300°C and resist oil, chemical and keen point.
Weight complete
  • 8.8 kg