Rescue Equipment
The Strongest And Lightest Spreader
Strecher,Rescue Equipment,Ventilator,Water Mist Gun,Breathing Apparatus,Emergency Fire Escape System,Emergency Smoke Mask,Fall Protection Equipment,Generator,FIRE FIGHTING SUITS,Rope Ladder
Recommended applications
  1. Moving and lifting of obstacles.
  2. Opening doors and deforming of metal structures.
  3. Rescue operations in traffic accidents.
  4. Rescue operations in building or after natural disasters.
  5. Mobile rescue after a building collapse.
  6. Confined space rescue e.g. in tunnels.
High Light
  1. Spreading force and spreading distance can be chosen according to the specification rescue scenario
  2. Easy adjustment of the arm length
  3. Short opening and closing times
  4. Only minimum storage space required
Technical Data
Model Operating Pressure Opening Capacity Pulling Capacity Opening Width Pulling Width Weight Dimensions
RE-4000K 720bar 14.7ton 6.2ton 623mm 542mm 18.8kg 745x305x205mm
Useful Accessories
  1. Chain set (Chain and adaptor)